Ethan Bondick - Community Volunteer, Athlete, and Student


A high honors student at his school, Ethan Bondick balances his academic responsibilities with competitive athletics and community service. He volunteers regularly with the Heading Home organization, which prepares apartments for families who had previously been residing in local shelters. As participants in this organization, Ethan Bondick and his peers clean, decorate, and stock a family's new home, then host a welcome party as the family arrives. He also works at Gaining Ground, a nonprofit organic farm.

At school, Ethan Bondick competes as a varsity tennis player. He refines his skills at Evert Academy tennis camp, which he attends on a regular basis, and he plays in tournaments. He holds a Tae Kwon Do black belt, which he earned at the age of nine, and he stands out as an accomplished swimmer and alpine skier as well. He is currently planning a hiking trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro with his family. Bondick will use this six-day, 80-kilometer trip to raise money for a local charity.